Apsley Lakes

Anstruther Lake

Anstruther Lake is a lake in the township of North Kawartha, Ontario, Canada,

Fishing: Large and Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout

Anstruther Lake sits between the community of Apsley on Ontario Highway 28 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi) to the east and the community of Catchacoma on Ontario Highway 507 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi) to the west. Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park encompasses the lake, and the community of Anstruther Lake is on the southern shore. The lake flows out via Anstruther Creek, and the Mississaugua, Otonabee and Trent rivers into Lake Ontario.

Approximately 230 cottages have been built on the lake. Partial road access. 25 town houses were recently built at The Landing marina. The Lake is 6.4 Kilometers long by 3 kilomeres wide and has a maximum depth of 128 feet.
Anstruther Lake Cottage Association

Chandos Lake

Chandos Lake is located in North Kawartha Township.

Fishing: Large and Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye

The lake is in the shape of a reversed L, with three main bays: West Bay, connected to the main body of the lake by a long Narrows; South Bay, extending southwest and separated by a curved peninsula; and Gilmour’s Bay, a smaller, two-lobed bay on the southern tip of the lake, connected by Gilmour’s Bay Narrows.

Chandos is the largest lake in the Crowe River watershed. Chandos Lake measures 1,387 hectares and has a maximum depth of 48 metres.

The lake features three marinas and a public beach and is lined with approximately 1,200 cottages. The towns of Apsley, Glen Alda, and Lasswade are located on or near the lake. County Roads 620 and 504 encircle the lake.
Chandos Lake Property Owners Association website

Eels Lake

Eels Lake is located North of Apsley in the Township of North Kawartha.

Fishing: Large and Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout, Walleye

Eel’s Lake is about 3 Kilometers wide and 11.2 kilometers long with a maximum depth of 98 feet. There are approximately 370 numbers of cottages on the lake.

Jack Lake

Jack Lake is  located in North Kawartha, Ontario, Canada,

Fishing:Bass, Trout, Muskellunge, walleye, Rock Bass, Perch, Black Crappie

The lake can be generally characterized as having a fairly irregular shape, dominated by 3 deeply indented main bays and having numerous smaller or tertiary bays. The largest bay is Sharpe Bay on the western end of the lake. There are approximately 600 Cottages lining Jack Lake and it is 10 miles long and about 5 miles wide with a maximum dept of 140 feet.

If you have yet to purchase your dream cottage on Jack Lake – you can still come experience all North Kawartha has to offer and stay at Jacks Lake Lodge or GOM Resort.

Jacks Lake Association Website

Long Lake

Long Lake is located within the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. Only a short drive to the Town of Apsley.

Fishing: Large and Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout

Long Lake is accessed by Long Lake Road before Apsley. It is a long and slender lake which leads into Loucks Lake. There are several Portage sites that lead into other small lakes along the Shores.

Long Lake is the home to approximately 30 Cottages.

Loon Call Lake

Loon Call Lake Cottages for sale

Loon Call Lake is located in North Kawartha Township. Fishing in this lake provides large mouth bass, small mouth bass and splake.

Loon Call Lake is located off of Anstruther Lake Road and is in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. It is 4.8 Kilometers long and 0.8 Kilometers wide, this lake has a maximum depth of 56 feet and an average of 16.5 feet. This lake has a very irregular and rocky shoreline with two deeper basins which are partially separated by an island.

This lake was at one time called Crab Lake by local residents until the 1950’s when it was changed to Loon Call Lake. The water levels were once controlled by beaver dams, until the concrete dam was put in place at Loon Call Creek, which flows into Eels Creek; thus making the water levels fairly stable, with a 10-15 cm drop from early spring to mid summer. For a complete history, follow the Loon Call Lake Cottagers Association to find their book on the history of the lake told by the early cottages.

Loon Call Lake is home to approximately 80 cottages and only a few minutes out of the town of Apsley.