Chandos Lake

Chandos Lake is located in North Kawartha Township.

Fishing: Large and Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye

The lake is in the shape of a reversed L, with three main bays: West Bay, connected to the main body of the lake by a long Narrows; South Bay, extending southwest and separated by a curved peninsula; and Gilmour’s Bay, a smaller, two-lobed bay on the southern tip of the lake, connected by Gilmour’s Bay Narrows.

Chandos is the largest lake in the Crowe River watershed. Chandos Lake measures 1,387 hectares and has a maximum depth of 48 metres.

The lake features three marinasĀ and a public beach and is lined with approximately 1,200 cottages. The towns of Apsley, Glen Alda, and Lasswade are located on or near the lake. County Roads 620 and 504 encircle the lake.

Chandos Lake Property Owners Association website

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