Loon Call Lake

Loon Call Lake Cottages for sale

Loon Call Lake is located in North Kawartha Township. Fishing in this lake provides large mouth bass, small mouth bass and splake.

Loon Call Lake is located off of Anstruther Lake Road and is in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. It is 4.8 Kilometers long and 0.8 Kilometers wide, this lake has a maximum depth of 56 feet and an average of 16.5 feet. This lake has a very irregular and rocky shoreline with two deeper basins which are partially separated by an island. 

This lake was at one time called Crab Lake by local residents until the 1950’s when it was changed to Loon Call Lake. The water levels were once controlled by beaver dams, until the concrete dam was put in place at Loon Call Creek, which flows into Eels Creek; thus making the water levels fairly stable, with a 10-15 cm drop from early spring to mid summer. For a complete history, follow the Loon Call Lake Cottagers Association to find their book on the history of the lake told by the early cottagers. 

Loon Call Lake is home to approximately 80 cottages and only a few minutes out of the town of Apsley.

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